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Our sister company, Cavendish Aviation, are number one in Europe across aviation for the application of nano technology to exterior paintwork.

Known as Aerocoat, they’ve perfected the process through 20 years in British Aerospace and on 70 aircraft over both sides of the Atlantic, working with general aviation pilots and high end corporate jet owners on a regular basis.

Why Choose Aerocoat?

Restores aircraft paintwork to the original factory look regardless of age

Retains brand new and glass like finish to aircraft paintwork

Cost effective alternative to aircraft respray

UV resistant – Repairs UV damage on paintwork

Zero corrosion & hydrophobic

Reduction in boundary layer drag so less fuel burn 

Reduction in cleaning time and costs.

The application process is approved by the CAA and clients have included TAG Aviation Europe and Multiflight to privately owned Gulfstream, Cirrus,
Daher-Socata, Piper and Socata TB aircraft.

Aerocoat Case Study: Sept 2018


Cavendish Aviation were asked to restore the exterior of a 1972 Cherokee Arrow.

When it arrived at our Earls Colne base the aircraft’s exterior surface measured 29 GU on the GU scale – The Gloss Units scale was developed and used extensively throughout the car and aircraft industry where a perfect mirror finish
is measured at 100 GU.

UV and rain had eroded both the PU paint finish and perspex so, together with normal wear and tear of a near 50 year old aircraft, the Cherokee Arrow
was ready for some TLC.

Following the Aerocoat process, the aircraft emerged with a 89 GU finish and a newly restored look to give greater ramp appeal as well as lifting the
potential resale value.

The process means less cleaning, better scratch resistance and weather proofing.

The owner has reported back to Cavendish with an increase in airspeed from 130 kts to 146kts at normal power setting, confirmed by radar.

This could be taken as a fuel saving by reducing power back to the previous cruise speed, returning the investment in 150 hours.

Aerocoat Testimonials

"We are impressed with Cavendish's level of service and work and
Aerocoat gives our aircraft greatly enhanced paintwork."

Steve Borrowdale, Managing Director, Multiflight

"That special gleam you get on a new car or aeroplane is just always
there with Aerocoat."

Tim Orchard, former Concorde pilot 

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