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Not only are we bringing the very best in Italian light sport aviation to the United Kingdom but we've struck a deal to ensure that Pioneer pilots can access the very best when it comes to avionic choices and upgrades.

Alpi Aviation UK are now dealers for AvMap, Italy's premier avionic provider, with our P300 Hawk kitted out with the very latest system.

Established in 1994 within the C-MAP Group, the world leader in electronic chart technology, AvMap made its debut in the professional aeronautical market with the EKP (electronic kneepad), one of the most successful flight navigation systems sold worldwide. 

It's all adds up to great news for Pioneer pilots old and new as we can offer AvMap products as part of our kit build aircraft while current owners can visit our Earls Colne HQ to discuss upgrades and installation via our team of expert technicians.


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