Owning a fast, modern aircraft built to your detailed requirements is an unattainable dream for many pilots. 

Building one from a kit achieves that dream at about half the cost of a comparable factory built aircraft and is well within the capabilities of someone with average DIY skills. 

You are supported by the kit supplier and your standard of work is inspected by a friendly team of aircraft inspectors through the Light Aircraft Association.

You can do the work in a double garage or similar building and you will make new friends amongst the 1,500 other people doing the same thing in the UK.

I am close to completing my Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk and have really enjoyed the experience. 

I am now looking forward to flying an aircraft that I have built that has exactly what I want in an aircraft.

Brian Davies, LAA Chairman

Cavendish Aviation UK Ltd 
Hangar 4
Earls Colne Airfield
Earls Colne 
Essex CO6 2NS